Get the Top Construction Hardware in Vancouver

Having top-of-the-line supplies for the execution of a construction project is a key to success. In fact, according to The US Chartered Institute of Building 87% of construction professionals believe that an outstanding supply is synonymous with a successful project. That’s why counting on leading hardware suppliers in Vancouver is essential for you as a contractor.

You’re sure to find a variety of hardware and building materials suppliers in Vancouver. However, no alternative beats The Kerrisdale Lumber Company. You should get to know us better, so you’ll know why you should make us your go-to Vancouver hardware suppliers.

Top-5 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Top Hardware Supplier

  1. Quality

We understand that the success of your projects depends on the quality of the products involved. That’s why we offer you the industry’s top hardware and construction supplies in Vancouver. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your hardware, so you can improve your contractor’s profitability. You will have more durable, high-performance materials and equipment. These will allow you to deliver quality work, for the success of your business.

  1. Variety

We are the best of the best hardware stores in Vancouver because we have everything you need to complete your projects. We are your one-stop solution, where you can find everything from nails to specialized equipment. We want to make it easy for your contractor, so you don’t have to go back and forth looking for the hardware you need. We even have access to the buying group Ace Hardware USA, to provide you with any special items you need for your projects.

  1. Speed of Delivery

In any construction project, time is a key factor. If you depend on foreign suppliers, your hardware may not arrive on time, compromising your delivery times. This can cause an overall delay with consequences ranging from customer dissatisfaction to compromising your profit margins. With us as your top provider in Vancouver, you’ll have all the hardware you need in an instant.

  1. Customer Service

We want you to provide unmatched service to your customers on every construction project. That’s why we have the most skilled staff ready to support and advise you. Many of them have been part of the outstanding construction community, and they bring all their experience and background to your service. We almost always know the answer, and if we don’t, we’ll help you find it. We can advise you on new materials, trends, substitutes, and techniques that will allow you to get the most out of each of your constructions.

  1. Competitive Pricing

It is in our interest to protect your business because your success is our success. That is why we strive to find the most economical suppliers in Canada and the USA, without compromising quality. This will allow you to find the top of the line at great prices, which will help you improve your profits, and even help you offer your projects at a better price.

Get the Best Hardware in Vancouver

If you’ve been looking for a one-stop solution for the hardware your business needs, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1921 The Kerrisdale Lumber Company has proudly served the Vancouver community and surrounding areas, offering everything necessary to achieve world-class projects. We are ready to help you take your contracting business to the next level. Call us to request a quote.