Composite decking is fast becoming the #1 choice for homeowners who desire an alternative to natural wood. More and more homeowners now recognize the benefits of composite decking over natural wood. So what is it? And why is it becoming more popular?

What Is Composite Decking?

This is a mixture of recycled wood scraps, plastic and chemical additives. It uses high-density polyethylene, a plastic commonly used for making detergent bottles, milk jugs, and buckets. The ratio of wood to plastic varies depending on the manufacturer.

Compared to natural wood, the plastic used for making composite decking makes it resistant to pests and moisture. It also allows more style variation – you can choose a wood texture and custom colour to match the aesthetic of your home.

The Popularity Of Composite Decking

It’s not a surprise that composite decking is gaining more popularity. Most homeowners were drawn to the idea of composite decking for any of these reasons:

Low Maintenance

Composite decking doesn’t stain like natural wood materials. It’s moisture-resistant and only requires basic cleaning. While natural wood decks may need to be maintained at least every three years to retain their gorgeous colour, composite decking never needs serious maintenance. These product lines only need a light washing or spot treatment to remove dust, dirt, or pollen.


Composite decking wood is among the most durable materials on the market. Composite decking lasts 25-30 years on average with only minimal upkeep. This is because composite decking wood is made from materials resistant to weather, insects, and rot.


Composite decking is eco-friendly because they are made from recycled materials, which helps keep waste wood and plastic out of landfills. So, you’re not only increasing your home value; you’re also helping the environment.


Composite decking wood has many varieties to choose from. It’s offered in many different colours and natural-looking wood shades, patterns, and grains to suit almost your preference while complementing any architectural style.


Composite decking comes in different colours to choose from. New colours are often added, making many builders refer to the expanding design choices as “deck fashion.”


Composite materials perform better than natural or traditional woods, which are more prone to damage from exposure to elements. Composite decking built today is resistant to wear and tear, colour change, fading, and damage from the outside elements, especially sun and water.


Composite decking comes in more cost-competitive options to fit a broader range of budgets. Now, homeowners can build with composite decking materials without breaking the bank. Remember that board thickness, profile, aesthetics, and scratch resistance typically separate lower-cost composite decking wood from premium wood.

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